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With our minimalistic design approach, we provide distinctive views into the true essence of a city. Innovative production techniques are combined with high-quality, hand-processed 3D data. We are a young and passionate team dedicated to reshaping our world in new ways.
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Middle East

" CITYFRAMES are truly a new era of city maps! Developed by a creative and passionate design start-up team in Germany, these pieces re-create the beauty of the world in a previously unseen way. "

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" Since traveling is still quite complicated in 2020, why not bring your favourite city scape to your desk (or wall). "

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" CITYFRAMES lets you collect your favorite cityscapes and place them on your wall to become part of your living room or bedroom decor. "

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" Have you always wanted a 3D model of your hometown? CITYFRAMES recreates the world's greatest cities as 3D miniature models to connect you to the places you love. "

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