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Measurement Guide For (mini)CUBE Bundles - CITYFRAMES

Measurement Guide For (mini)CUBE Bundles

We understand that the beauty of your space is in the details. That's why we've created this comprehensive measurement guide to help you effortlessly incorporate our Minicube and Cube Bundles into ...

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Dimensions Guide - CITYFRAMES

Dimensions Guide

The miniCUBE can be effortlessly hung directly on the wooden frame. No extra fuss needed! Our CUBE comes equipped with a preinstalled mounting bracket, making it easy to set up on your wall.

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Cleaning Guide - CITYFRAMES

Cleaning Guide

We hope you enjoy your 3D City! To keep it that way, we'd like to share some quick and effortless tips for dust and fingerprint removal. Keeping your city clean has never been simpler! ...

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Wall Mounting Guide - CITYFRAMES

Wall Mounting Guide

We want to ensure that your frames are securely and beautifully mounted on your walls.  Follow these suggestions for a successful installation: Before your start: Use nails for smaller frame...

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Unpacking Guide - CITYFRAMES

Unpacking Guide

At CITYFRAMES, we're dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience. That's why we would love to assist you with the first steps and guide you with an instruction on how to unpack you...

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