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Article: Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems - CITYFRAMES

Hidden Gems

Everyone knows mega-cities like New York, Paris and London.

So today we decided to focus on less known,
but certainly not less beautiful cities - the hidden gems!


Siena, Italy

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is a small village with a beautiful old town. One of the hightlights is the impressive Piazza del Campo in the middle of the city.

The hills and valleys surrounding Siena shape a unique topography that secures Siena a top spot in our "Hidden Jewels" collection.

Siena 3D City Model Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has a very unique city layout. The center is formed by rectangular blocks of buildings and almost enclosed by steep hills. In contrast to the uniform street layout in the center, small winding streets lead up to the tops of the hills.

With an additional historical castle on the São Jorge hill, Lisbon is definitely considered a hidden gem - whether as a CityFrame or as a vacation destination!

Lisbon 3D City Model Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Cape Town, South Africa

With the massive Table Mountain plateau, Cape Town is definitely an eye-catcher on any wall. Compared to other cities, Cape Town has a much higher scale in order to fit the mountain on the frame.