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Article: Europe Travel Guide

Europe Travel Guide - CITYFRAMES

Europe Travel Guide


There are over 5,000 years of history in Athens, the largest city of Greece. Explore plaka area to make a tour through history. Located in the shadow of the Acropolis, it is known as the "neighborhood of the gods" and is home to countless ruins and sights. After visiting the great works of the Ancient Greek, warm, sandy beaches and the luscious taste of traditional greek flavors are waiting for you. The city’s nightlife heats up with the summer temperatures and courtyards, rooftops and gardens everywhere are predestinated for long nights sharing ouzo, maze and breezy cocktails. For a little fresh up during the weekends make sure to join the locals and jump on a ferry on a Friday afternoon to one of greek's breathtaking islands. You won’t help but fall in love with Athens!

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Amsterdam is famous for its rich heritage, the organziged canal structures, flower-adorned bridges and cobblestone lanes. Whether you want to explore the canals by boat, relax at urban beaches, discover the art scene or barbecue in the park, there’s an endless choice of things to do in Amsterdam during summer. Our personal favorite are the buzzing street food markets on the streets of Amsterdam. What's more relaxing than enjoying a bright sunny day with local seafood and poffertjes. 
Sunglasses on and let’s go!

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This sunny city has a unique culture and vibe. Known especially for its breathtaking architecture and art, in the capital of Catalonia you'll find fine art, iconic nature parks, beautiful beaches and so much more! The best way to explore the city is by foot. Stroll along the colorful Las Ramblas and admire Antoni Gaudí’s iconic design of La Sagrada Família. Take a trip up the hill to the Utopian urban Park and enjoy the best view into the city at Park Guell, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later in the day, walk along the marina, through the old fishing and restaurant quarter of Barceloneta and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea right in front of the city. Sure to say - Barcelona is a perfect melting-pot of cultural heritage, world-renowned cuisine, fine art and music and the classical mediterranean beach vibe!



Porto is a fascinating and vibrant riverside city in Portugal. With its extensive history it is also home to delicious cuisines, a buzzing nightlife and a flourishing artisan scene. The Douro River flows right through the centre of Porto and is crossed by six magnificent bridges. Make sure to experience the river by boat and enjoy cozy riverfront cafés when you make a stop. When we say get lost in Ribeira, we mean it. Porto's old town is full of narrow and winding medieval streets where you can explore numerous small cafés and wonderful historic architecture. The unmatched charme of this beautiful historic city makes you want to explore everything by foot. If you need a break from walking, enjoy the beach and laidback ambience in the peaceful Foz district. Finish your days with fresh seafood and a deliciously strong Port wine to complete the full authentic experience!

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Summer in Rome is hot and beautiful! The eternal city has always been a European hotspot that deserves to be seen. The days are long and traveling Rome, you should use the mornings to explore the streets of the city or to stare up the most beautiful buildings like the Colosseum, the Pantheon or the St. Peter's Basilica.  During the day you can hit up Ostia beach to escape the afternoon heat and cool off in the water. Enjoy some fresh pizza or pasta and treat yourself with the best gelato you've ever had. End the day with outdoor cinema under the stars and a visit at the Trevi mountain after dark - but don't forget to throw a coin to make a wish!

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Siena is a picture-perfect city sitting right in the famous region of Tuscany. Among the beautiful rose, terracotta buildings, the historic medieval city center of Siena is definitely worth a visit. Named as a UNESCO world heritage, this treasure has been so well preserved, it feels like a time warp back to medieval times. Starting in the heart of the city on the Piazza del Campo, you find a tower which acts like a sundial (sun clock). Depending on the position of the sun, you can see the shadow of the tower moving across the Piazza. Speaking of must-sees,  you should definitely visit the spectacular Cathedral of Siena but make sure to take a look inside - you can find some of the most amazing frescoes across the ceilings and walls here. Traveling makes hungry and this is Italy after all! For dinner you can choose from a variety of lovingly trattorias to spend with candlelight in the shadow of gothic buildings.