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Article: North America Travel Guide

North America Travel Guide - CITYFRAMES

North America Travel Guide


Hop on a Cable Car and explore San Francisco!  An exciting mix of sightseeing, great architecture and culinary delights awaits you in the city by the bay. Although the city is in fact pretty small, the streets of San Francisco are extremely hilly so your transportation mode should always be chosen wisely. No matter what transportation mode you choose, make sure to drive or walk through to world’s curviest street, the Lombard street. Slow down your day after and head out to the city’s lungs, Golden Gate Park. After a good picnic on the grass enjoy some of the best attractions the city has to offer right in the park. 

Traveling to San Francisco, the one stop you can’t miss is probably the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Most definitely you have seen it on pictures or movies before but the connecting bridge between San Francisco and the rest of Northern California is worth a view from a new perspective. Drive across or stroll over and enjoy great views of the bay and the city skyline. But keep in mind: to cross the whole bridge by foot you would take about 1 to 2 hours. The city by the bay is waiting to be explored by you!



Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Adventure, entertainment and fun is what expects you if your travel destination is the famous Las Vegas. Known as the „Sin City“ the city stands for casinos, shows, neon lights and good restaurants.

The Las Vegas Strip is the pulsing heart beat of the city and within just over four miles long it connects over 30 hotels, one more impressive than the other. The Bellagio is just one of the amazing Hotels and the experience here starts right in front of the building. The famous Water fountains are a spectacle you don’t want to miss. Go find a perch to sit back and watch the show enhanced by music and light, preferably some time around midnight for the most beautiful views. When visiting Las Vegas you might feel like a short trip to Europe’s most beautiful places is included. Take a gondola ride under the Italian sky at the Venetian and discover just a little smaller version of the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

In summer the temperatures in the desert of Nevada climb up to very high degrees and if you need an escape from the bustle of the city, take a day trip to Lake Mead for a cool break by the sea including a quick stop at the iconic Hoover Dam. For the more old-school Vegas feel go to Old Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is where the magic used to happen but its not less of an experience!



Welcome to Toronto! One of the biggest cities in North America and in fact Canada’s largest city. Known as a cultural phenomenon, residents with roots across the globe make the city so unique. Little India, Chinatown, Greektown, Koreatown, Portugal Village, two Little Italys, and more than 150 spoken languages give you loads to explore. Especially when it comes to food, the diversity of offers makes it hard to even decide. Strengthened by the delicious food you will be having loads of energy to wander through vast green spaces and visit interesting places like the Art Gallery of Ontario in Chinatown or the St. James Cathedral in Old Town. Definitely a must to see the full beauty of Toronto is a trip to the CN Tower. Get up to the observation platform and enjoy great views on a glass floor from up to 447 meters (1,456 feet) of height. If you love adventures and thrilling experiences, you should take a step further and do the edge walk were you can walk along the outside edge, only secured by a harness. No matter from what perspective, we say Toronto is worth the view!

Toronto 3D City Model America, Cube - CITYFRAMES



Book a trip to New York and the days will never be enough. The list of landmarks, sites and must sees is endless and the variety of things is what makes it so hard to decide where to even start.  If you have never been in the city that never sleeps, let’s start with the basics. The best way to get around the city is the subway. Download a map and you will get just about anywhere. 

Nevertheless, be prepared to walk a lot. As there is something to explore basically at every corner, you might stumble over hidden gems if you just walk one block to the next. Divide your list of main attractions in skyscrapers, museums, parks and outdoor sites like Statue of Liberty or Times Square. Based on the time of the year, you should plan your day by the weather. If you visit the city in Summer, sunny and warm days are made for lunch in Central Park and an afternoon ride with the Water Taxi, to pass by the Statue of Liberty and take your iconic picture from the boat. If it’s a really hot day, consider escaping the heat stop wise by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or the American Museum of National History. 

For the best views take a morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take the elevator up the Empire State Building some time around midnight, you will avoid the heavy crowds and the city lights in the dark are a must see from above. The list could go on forever but the best advice is: go see it yourself!



Boston or „Beantown“ is one of the Unites States’ historically most interesting cities. The cobblestone streets of the city offer historic sites walkable from one to another. Wander around and explore the country’s oldest public park, revolutionary war battle sites and places John F. Kennedy liked to visit. As you walk through the city, we promise you won’t go hungry. Make a stop at the Seaport District and enjoy some of the best New England seafood combined with beautiful views of the harbor. 

If you ask the Bostonians where to go, by a very good chance,  in a lovely unique Boston accent yo will be sent to explore Fenway Park, one of the most famous stadiums in the USA. 

Boston not only is rich of historic houses and streets. The historic Emerald Necklace Park System in the heart of Boston offers a series of parks and green spaces. Perfect for a biked ride or a good book!

Boston 3D City Model America, Cube - CITYFRAMES



Chicago, the windy city of Illinois has plenty to explore. Museums, architecture, outdoor events and stunning river side views are just the top of the list. When visiting Chicago make sure to stay somewhere around the heart of downtown, in „the Loop“.  You will be in the zero point of Chicago’s street grid system and from there it will be easy to get around. The „L“ loops around the Loop and is just one cool way of transportation. To travel from neighborhood to neighborhood the Chicago Water Taxi is a great alternative and if you are interested in discovering some of the most spectacular architecture in the world you should definitely take an architecture boat tour down the Chicago River. Top places to be in summer are outdoor dining places and rooftop bars by the River are top summer activities. There is always something cool to do in Chicago!

Chicago 3D City Model America, Cube - CITYFRAMES